We are committed to touching lives positively and fulfilling dreams by bringing stability and opportunities to families in need around the world.

TUFF has two main objectives which are: Stability and Opportunity and by delivering programs, rendering services, and granting funding through an integrated and sustainable network, TUFF strengthens individuals, families, and communities around the world, making them self-reliant and self-sufficient.


By promoting Stability in the Community, TUFF engages in emergency shelter provision, food, medicine, clothes, child and family rights advocacy, marriage and family therapy, family integration, prison outreach program, and student resources including scholarships, affordable housing, health care, and transportation.


We also connect with individuals and families in need through our TV and outreach programs; TUFF CONNECT WITH SANDRA DURU | BARE IT OUT WITH PROF. MGBEKE | WENETLY LEADERS CONNECT.


No amount of money is too small to put a smile on the faces of the poor and the needy in our communities. Please donate to our foundation TUFF to continue with our good work.


You can donate by filling out the form here, via Cashapp, Zelle, PayPal, or even direct bank transfer or sending us a check addressed to THE UNIQUE FAMILY FOUNDATION, TUFF. You can contact us for more information on how to support our projects.


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We hope you'll consider supporting the good work TUFF does by donating or sharing with others who'd like to help.