"Family Without Borders"

We define care with integrity.

Our Programs and Services

These are a few of our most recent programs, each and every year, we carry out hundreds of programs across the country, involving people of every age, interest and need.

Reproductive Health Care (RHC)

(RHC) Department meets the reproductive health challenges of women and youth, counselling women and youths on right issues, and sexuality education in the society. This department also has a dedicated unit for the treatment of Fibroid which is equipped to international standard. This department comprise of three units. The department selects beneficiaries through the following; recommendations from Traditional rulers, Villagers, Hospitals, Social Groups, Religious Bodies, Community elders, PAAO officers, orphanages, etc.

Vocational Skill Acquisition (VOSA)

(VOSA) department trains women and youths and family members; School drop-outs, Secondary/High School graduates, University Graduates, Less privileged and widows/widowers on different vocational skills and trade. It also provides employment for youths and women at the grass roots. The department comprise of eleven units. The department selects beneficiaries through the following; recommendations from Traditional Rulers, applications from interested people, recommendations from schools, community leaders, Religious bodies, professionals, ministries of Education and Women and youth empowerment.

Rehabilitation/Family Integration Services (RFIS)

(RFIS) Department provides services to displaced persons, patients, inmates, recently freed prisoners as well as individuals that have taken a right turn from drug addiction and other immoral acts. Five units make up this department. The department also provides a comprehensive and functional welfare package for women and youths; victims of broken homes and family violence, etc. the department selects beneficiaries through following; recommendations from Traditional rulers, the Ministries of Justice and Women Affairs, Religious bodies, Office of Public Defender, social workers, family members.

TUFF Scholarship Scheme (TSS)

(TSS) The organization through this department makes available adequate educational funds to young people who have distinguished themselves in their academics, sports, and other unique talents, both at the secondary and tertiary levels. The department selects its beneficiaries from Traditional rulers, Direct Applications, TUFF Outreaches, Schools Community leaders, Social Groups, Individuals, and Professionals.

Rotational Loan without Interest (ROLWIN)

(ROLWIN) TUFF centres also serve as the Administrative base for giving out the Rotational Loan without Interest (ROLWIN). This is a comprehensive interest-free loan facility for establishment of small-scale business ventures. Successful graduates from such vocational skill training centers are given first hand opportunity to apply for the loan. And others through recommendations from traditional rulers, Religious Bodies, Community Leaders.

Information, Education & Communication (IEC)

(IEC) Department. This department is Image Maker of the Organization. It is responsible for Public Relation activities, e.g., conferences, workshops, TV/radio programmes, Press briefings/Press conferences, Resource materials/Library. This Department also serves as training institute for school drop-outs and fresh graduates.

Young Emerging Entrepreneurs Support Program Funds (YEES-P)

A program we put funds to the side for young entrepreneurs that have a proven track record of business success. Our process of hand picking them are on a periodical basis. We can empower them with support to reach their goals even if they don't have the resources to achieve these dreams. The qualifications we are looking for within these individuals are that they are business minded, have a run it like your own business mentality, community driven and have the drive to make it work.


A lot of young people are born into this world without a family link and love. We identify that this unfortunate scenario isn't at the fault of these individuals, rather a product of scenario. What we do for them is that we represent them the same way families represent their loved ones. We are there to support them and to recognize that you are a part of TUFF when you join the program. The family focus we offer starts from preschool all the way to marriage. The support we offer is mental, spiritual, emotionally, physically and financially (any area where it merits). We welcome you to our family as long as you live a responsible life.

Young African Visionaries (YAVI)

Young African Visionaries (YAVI) is forging a path to prosperity throughout the African continent. As Africa's largest economy, many of the continent's hopes are tied to Nigeria's potential for becoming Africa's industrial power. Unfortunately, it faces myriad problems including armed conflict and endemic corruption. YAVI aims to speed up this rise by creating an avenue for African Youths to meet with exemplary African leaders across various industries in a bid to share and promote positive ideas that would help position Africa as the future of civilization


(TUFF) is forging a path to prosperity throughout the seven continents of the world. TUFF aims to speed up this rise by creating an avenue for Young Visionaries to meet with exemplary leaders across various industries in a bid to share and promote positive ideas and opportunities that would help position the upcoming leaders and the young Visionaries as the future of civilization; by promoting stability and peaceful coexistence in communities around the world.

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life