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WeCare is a “Giveaway” | Outreach program organized by The Unique Family Foundation -TUFF, a non-profit organization with a 501C3 status based in the United States Of America in collaboration with Mgbeke LLC to bring food, clothes and shoes, relief materials, and money to families in need to take care of their loved ones, kids|families| households especially during the festive seasons, so they can feel loved.

We also partner with Mgbeke LLC to bring Mgbeke natural skincare, beauty products, and supplements to people who need them, but can’t afford them. It’s a way for us to give back to our community by assisting those who are in need. Our goal is for everyone to be healthy and happy, regardless of their financial situation.

There are a large number of people struggling with skin problems, weight loss, mouth and body odor, digestive health problems, sex-related issues, prostrate issues, menopausal symptoms, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, hair loss, and loss of confidence in the United States of America, Africa and around the world due to so many reasons.

Many have tried everything they could to get help and feel better, but nothing has changed. We at TUFF have decided to work with Mgbeke LLC to help the people who may want to use this natural and very effective skincare, lips care, hair care, beauty products, and natural supplements to live healthily and feel great.

Whosoever is interested and meets up with our eligibility requirements will get the products for free, including free shipping within the United States Of America, Africa, and around the world.

We are Raising Funds to enable us to ship out products that will help people with the above-mentioned issues and also provide relief materials like food, clothes, shoes, and money. We just want to let them know that WE CARE ABOUT THEM.

Please donate to put smiles on the faces of these people who think they have been forgotten. Everybody deserves to be loved, pampered, and well taken care of, especially when they can’t help themselves.

We plan to reach out to at least 2,000,000 people annually within the United States Of America and in Africa with these sets of Mgbeke Natural skincare, Beauty Products, Mgbeke Supplements, foods, clothes, and money during the festive seasons.

When you donate to TUFF Program, your generosity is immediately put to work in helping build back confidence and courage in those in need of it. And families in need will also be fed and our welfare programs will be strengthened by your donations and support.

WeCare – Live Healthy, Feel Great!

WeCare – We Define Care With Integrity!

TUFF – We Are Family Without Borders!

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