2 Things Every Family Must Eradicate To Ensure Lasting Unity In The Home

2 Things Every Family Must Eradicate To Ensure Lasting Unity In The Home

The family is regarded as the smallest unit of every society, and the quality of each family and home in a community more than often defines the quality of everything in that environment.

Hence, building and raising a great, loving, faithful, diligent, honest, empathetic, and humane family is not good for yourself alone but for the entire world around you.

We all must get it right from this important foundational block of every society, and the surest way to do this is to raise quality children who are bonded in genuine love, respect, and support for one another.

How can you achieve this? While they are quite a few other factors and things to look out for and work on consistently, here are 2 things every family must eradicate to ensure that there is lasting peace, love, and unity in the home:

(1) Envy.

We cannot ignore or try to downplay the fact that sibling rivalry is a natural factor in virtually every home where there are two or more children.

However, we implore parents and guardians to do all they can to ensure that this rivalry is a healthy one where the children motivate and inspire one another in all they do. It shouldn’t be the type where they maliciously try to outdo me another in everything they’re involved in.

Such unhealthy rivalry breeds envy, and envy, when left unchecked to fester in a person’s heart, can breed terrible actions, including murder! Remember Cain and his brother, Abel?

(2) Bitterness, Malice, And Grudges.

Don’t ever have or encourage children that do not talk to one another because they got into an argument or fight.

Teach and train them from their very early days to never hold grudges with anyone and to never keep malice in their hearts. This way, they will live a life free of bitterness, which is the ultimate end-product of keeping malice and holding grudges against people.

Show your children and wards the way of love, and ensure that they know how vital and very expedient it is to their lives and existence, both as a family and as individuals, too.

When your home is built and raised on these principles and genuine love, the society, and indeed the whole world, around you, is blessed…and so are you, too!

Remain blessed always.

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