How Well Do You Know Your Children | Ward Once They Leave For School?

How Well Do You Know Your Children | Ward Once They Leave For School?

A popular African adage says that the children you give birth to and refuse to train today properly will be the ones to sell off all your properties one after the other tomorrow!

It’s a very tricky and slippery slope, being a parent these days, and this is said without any form of exaggeration at all.

In fact, if our parents back in the ’50s and ‘60s used to think that they raised unruly and stubborn children, we can only burst into laughter now as we imagine what they would do or say if they see what today’s parents have to deal with.

A report went around on Twitter recently about a young student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, who had a seizure and died while having a heavily drug-induced marathon sex session with another student of the school.

Both students were alleged to have been sky-high on hard drugs and an unregulated blend of several sexual stimulants, which ultimately led to the boy’s demise and hospitalization of his sexual partner, too.

This appalling event raises a very crucial concern, and it brings us to our discussion with you for today, which is summed up in this question:

How well do you know your children and wards once they’re out of your watchful eyes at home?

The parents of these two young children would probably swear with their lives that none of their children have ever seen hard drugs, let alone take them to the point of being so addicted to them that they’d be using them for sexual escapades.

We’re pretty sure that even the girl’s parents in question would have sworn before that their daughter was still a virgin. Alas, their seemingly innocent flower that leaves the house to school every session had already become a wildflower and thorn in the society eight under their noses!

This is by no means an attempt to judge or blame anyone, but in our usual culture and style, we would like to make sure that we all learn as much as we can from everything happening around us daily.

Who are the people your children hang out with whenever they are not at home? Who are their friends in school? Who are the people they follow on social media? What type of songs do they enjoy listening to on their mobile devices? What kind of videos do they like streaming?

Yes, as your children grow, they’re entitled to a level of trust and privacy from you, but in these desperately evil times, some equally desperate measures are required to save your household!

You must be able to answer all these questions above in the positive, and you must also keep serious track of these things with your children to know if any of what you used to know has been changed or “updated.”

It is getting harder by the minute to raise children and be a parent these last days, and it is not even going to get better or easier at all in any way. Hence every parent and guardian must sit up and pay better and a lot more attention to their children and wards!

The rate of sexual immorality, drug, alcohol, and substance abuse is so alarmingly high these days that one cannot but wonder why this generation seems to be hellbent on self-destructing!

Whatever the agenda or general purpose for all this may be, though, it is your responsibility and divine charge to raise Godly children and secure your household, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a married or single parent.

How well do you know that child, once they go out from the house and back into the relative freedom living on their campuses, seem to avail them?

May we not end up with avoidable calamities and disasters regarding our children and wards…Amen!

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