3 Things Every Parent Should Never Do In The Presence Of Their Children

3 Things Every Parent Should Never Do In The Presence Of Their Children.

Parenting is a hard job, no doubt, but it can also be the most straightforward and sweetest experience of your life as an adult.

If you are blessed with a loyal, supportive, faithful, and diligent partner, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the home with the children God blesses you with.

But, as with everything else in life, there are things, protocols, customs, and rules that you must follow to raise your offspring correctly. Children are renowned for doing more of what they see you do than what you say to them.

As a parent, you have no choice but to lead by good examples in your home. You must always remain alert and conscious that your little bundles of joy are like sponges that soak in your every word, action, reaction, and reproduce them in multiple folds!

With this in mind, you must be very deliberate about raising your children. Always ensure that everything they see you say and do is things that you would like for them to emulate about you

On the flip side, too, there are some things that you should never do before your children, and these are regardless of their age or maturity level. Some of these include the following:

(1) Disagree on Doctrine, Culture, and Beliefs: There are more than one reasons why even God asked that we “be not unequally yoked with an unbeliever.”

In no religious sense at all, do you know that you can find yourself in a dilemma like this if you settle for a spouse that has conflicting views about everything with you? And, it is even much worse when the spouse in question is not willing to compromise or adjust to your ways, culture, or beliefs in any way.

Having and raising children with such a spouse is a recipe for disaster, but sadly, this disaster is more for the children than the parents. Conflicting views, opinions, and rules about anything in the home will lead to you raising confused and imbalanced children.

Sadly, too, such children will find it hard to become or stay loyal to anything in life as they weren’t raised, trained, or grew up with any clear path, culture, beliefs, or way to hold and stand for as adults.

(2) Physical Abuse: Your spouse is your king|queen and must be treated as such. Any abuse, especially physical abuse, must never be allowed to happen in your home on no account.

A child’s mindset about life is formed by the things they witness, see, and are told as they grow from infancy to adulthood. A child who witnesses one or both parents constantly abusing each other will subconsciously grow up thinking that such is a norm in relationships.

I have counseled ladies that wouldn’t date or even consider a man who does not slap them around from time to time. According to them, this is “a manly thing” to do to your woman to assert your authority and dominance over her from time to time.

Now, before you puke in your mouth because of how pathetic such a situation and mindset sounds, ask yourself one question: Where do you think such ladies got their philosophy about men and relationships? It is from all they saw and heard in childhood, and sadly, the home is the first point of contact for any child in our society. We must start to do better as parents, please!

(3) Disagree On Policies, Punishment, et al.: One thing you should also never do in front of your children or wards is to argue or disagree over policies in the home or disciplinary measures to take against certain offenses.

Let your stand and voice always be one before your children and wards. Anything contrary to this would lead to you raising a bunch of children who would grow defiant and learn how to manipulate and cheat their way out of the consequences of their actions.

After all, they know that “mummy will never agree with daddy to ground me for six months if I go against their rule about keeping bad friends,” or even worse.

Whatever happens, always try to maintain a united front before your children so that they grow up with the correct mentality even about parenting and life as a couple.

You may argue and disagree all you want in the comfort and safety of your bedroom, but once you’re in the presence of your children, please be don’t ever do such a thing!

Your child is a gift given to you by God, and you are expected to raise them in a way that would make them a blessing to you, themselves, and any environment they find themselves in the future. It starts with the little things like these.

Please, decide to always do right by yourself, God, and these children today. So help you, God. Amen.

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