Catch Them Young: Teach Your Children This Simple Bed-Making Technique

Catch Them Young: Teach Your Children This Simple Bed-Making Technique

Discipline is one of the things and values that every family must instill in their children as they grow in the home. One must never leave anything to chance when it comes to raising a child properly these days.

We have discovered an amusing thing amongst many young people of late that they do not know how to make their beds properly. Many of them just leave it untidy when they wake up and head out of their bedrooms or houses and end up coming to sleep on it that way when they get back.

According to research, lying on a well-made bed releases a feel-good hormone in your head to fall asleep quicker. It also ensures that your sleep is a lot more relaxed and comfortable.

So, let us show you one effortless technique that you could easily pass on to the children so that they do not end up like many young ones who do not have this essential skill today.

As easy as it may sound to some people, making a bed can actually be one of the most difficult chores in the house for some others to do. Many people would rather go and wash the entire courtyard with soap and water than face the prospect of making their bed.

Anyway, if you follow these under-listed steps, making your bed should become a straightforward and seamless thing for you to do every day:

(1) Dust Your Bed Off First

No one wants to sleep on a sand-filled or dusty bed, no matter how nicely built it is. Therefore, this is where you should always start your bed-making process daily.

Remove the worn cover and duvet off the bed, and set the pillows on the sofa so you may dust the bed thoroughly.

(2) Try The Super-Easy “Half-Tuck-First” Technique

Pull the bedspread out till it covers the entire mattress. Then, start tucking it under the mattress along the top until you get halfway across the mattress, and repeat the same process at the foot of the mattress.

Now, tuck the side under real nice and tight as well, so that you have a gorgeously neat and even spread. Repeat this technique on the other half of the mattress, and you’re done laying the bedspread.

(3) Apply The Finishing Touches

Depending on your preferences, you may either just lalayoutour duvet on the prepared mattress or tuck the edges in after spreading it out. Whatever design you choose, remember to prop up your pillows after you’re through.

And there you have it – you are now a certified professional at making your bed!

On a final note today, one of the significant advantages of teaching your children how to do this is that it also presents an opportunity for you to have fun and bond with them.

Getting into their personal space and influencing how they live is a very healthy thing for any parent to do with their children, and it is one we firmly encourage you to try today.


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