3 Sure Ways To Protect Your Children In Today’s Society

3 Sure Ways To Protect Your Children In Today’s Society

An African adage says: “A child has only one mother and father but many parents.” This implies that it is not only the child’s biological parents that raise the child.

While this was regarded as just an African thing and not countenanced by many Westerners back in the day, it is now apparent that truth is universal, and the wisdom in this particular truth is ageless and very precise!

No thanks to this “Jet Age” and “Generation Z” mentality, children hardly talk to many of their parents in the home anymore. They’re either asking Siri or taking advice online from someone else who is a total stranger to you.

Yes, the prospects and challenges of parenting these days are getting more challenging by the second, but there is no cause for alarm for you as a parent if you’re reading this right now.

Every parent wants their children to grow and do well in life, and this is possible because even God Himself also wants the same thing for you and yours.

What are those things that you need to know and consistently do with your children so that you don’t lose them to negative influences and strangers you disapprove of? See these three vital yet straightforward things below.

(1) Raise Them On God’s Word: “Train up your child in the way he should go. When he grows up, he shall not depart from it.”

This fundamental truth can save you a lot of stress, but only if you follow it correctly. How? By teaching and training your children with God’s Word when they’re still very little and seemingly unable to understand most of what you’re saying, you are laying an excellent foundation for them.

Whatever you plant in a child’s mind and memory in their formative years is what they will grow up remembering and subconsciously adhering to.

So, it’s not enough to try this when they’re all grown and have their opinions on everything in life formed already. Catch them young, and watch them grow in grace, mercy, favor, and more importantly, give you peace as well.

(2) Always Tell Them The Truth No Matter What: No matter what happens, and no matter what the situation is, always tell your children the truth directly and don’t hide anything from them!

They should hear the truth from you directly than listen to another version of it from elsewhere. This may cause you to lose them faster than you can blink because they would not be able to trust you anymore.

(3) Be Their Bestfriend: Whatever you do, please ensure that you win your children’s hearts and friendships right from when they’re learning to crawl till they graduate from college and have to move out of your home.

This will surely save them from many hidden dangers out there, as you would always be on hand to truthfully guide and guard them if they can talk to you about anything.

Many cases of children being abused by strangers, friends, and even family members would rarely happen if only those children had one or both parents they could always talk to about anything at all!

Finally, let us also be mindful that we may do all we know to do but still fail at protecting our loved ones if God’s mercy and grace don’t help us always.

Hence, our belief and word here will also remain that we must always encourage one another to pray for our children without ceasing.

This, my people, is the surest way to go when it comes to protecting your home. May God help us always, Amen.


By: Dr. Sandra Duru

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  • Adejumoke says:

    Be your children best friend so that they can tell you anything, create time for them, it really helps too

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