2 Things You Must Never Do Or Say About Your Child’s Dreams

2 Things You Must Never Do Or Say About Your Child’s Dreams

Do you know that life has a funny way of repeating instances and situations from one generation to another?

And, if great care is not taken, there are many things your parents did to you while you were still very young that you disliked a lot, but sadly, you’re unconsciously repeating the same mistakes with your children now.

It’s a natural phenomenon that requires a conscious decision and efforts to break out of; else, some bad things would keep replaying in that family from generation to generation.

What must you be very conscious about and ensure you never repeat to your children, especially if they were done to you? Here are two crucial ones below:

(1) You must never talk down on or belittle their dreams!

Many of us had parents who were either never supportive of our childhood dreams or were even quite nasty about how they shut us down.

This is one pain many unconsciously carry in their hearts, and because they never healed from it before starting their own family, they end up doing the same things, and even worse, to their children, too.

If your child walks up to you at any stage of their life and tells you that they want to become something – maybe a zoologist or even a professional caregiver, don’t ever sneer at them and tell them that their plans are useless!

One of your primary duties and assignments in your child’s life is to protect them physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally, mentally, and in every other way possible. Don’t ever be the one to tear your child down mentally and psychologically by attacking their dreams and ambitions that way!

Never laugh scornfully or tell them that they don’t have what it takes to become anything they share with you as their dream, even if you’re somehow assured that they don’t.

Your part is to start preparing them for that vision they’ve received and to do all you can to ensure they improve on those areas you’ve noticed are weaknesses that could limit them in life. You are never to talk down at or belittle them for no reason whatsoever!

(2) You must never try to change their dreams to suit your own desires.

Many parents were forced into careers and things they do today by their parents, who absolutely demanded that they must become what they wanted and not what the child dreamt and yearned for.

This is a grave error that, sadly, keeps repeating itself in many families from one generation to another, and it is even a massive crime against God, their Maker.

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” – Psalm ‭127:3‬.

A person’s “heritage” is “a special or individual possession” belonging to that person. If it is handed over to another person, that is done in trust and with the expectation that it will be treated well and kept safe for the owner until they return for it.

That child is God’s heritage and not your property as you think or claim. Hence, you should never lead them against their innate God-given talent, dream, vision, and purpose in life; else, you’re going against God directly!

We are only caretakers of our children, and we must never betray the trust that God had in us when he decided to place them in our care.

If every family can take these things to heart and walk by them, we are sure that we would have stronger and better children in our various societies, and even our cities and countries will be better off for it in the long run.

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  • Tadeniawo Collins says:

    Many Nigerian parents need to read this article because they’re fond of cursing at and ridiculing their children at the slightest provocations! So help us, God.

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