2 Reasons Why Having Consistent Quiet Time With Your Family Is Vital

2 Reasons Why Having Consistent Quiet Time With Your Family Is Vital

There are several methods many individual family units worldwide employ to stay as closely knit as possible. Some of these methods may work for one family but not for another because they’re primarily based on cultural traditions, ethnic beliefs, or socio-political values.

For such methods of family knitting to work for another household, they must share either one or all of these standards mentioned above. However, this can be pretty far-fetched and hard to come by, even for family units within the same local region and circle.

There is one method we know of, though, that has been universally proven to transcend every ethnic, cultural, socio-political, and even religious barrier. It is the simple act of having a consistent and quality quiet time routine with your family. This method has proven to work unique wonders when unifying any family unit that constantly practices it.

Not only have we observed this universal fact, but we have also learned why it is so effective and can be utilized by anyone in the world. Here are two significant benefits we’ve discovered about having consistent quiet time sessions with your family:

1. It helps to create and solidify a unique bond that transcends just the physical connections between you and every member of your household. A famous saying goes thus: “A family that prays together, stays together and grows together.”

A spiritual bond forms between two people who constantly meditate, study and pray together. It doesn’t even matter if they are related or not. As long as they consistently connect on this level, their spiritual energies will blend and begin to flow towards one another. Hence, it is excellent to practice this same principle in your home, as this bond can be even stronger between people of the same bloodline.

2. It helps your children and wards develop a culture of studying, meditating, and praying. You can make this possible by ensuring that they are assigned a task to do during the daily sessions. It could either be to read a passage or chapter from any book you are collectively studying, lead a song or hymn, say a word of prayer during the session, or any other activity that you might engage them with.

The main objective is to keep everyone actively involved and participating every day. This also fosters a unique sense of belonging for each member and helps to keep every session lively and exciting.

A closely-knit family is a pain-in-the-butt for the enemy as they cannot be torn apart easily. You can never be too careful in these evil times we live in. Hence every opportunity to build a hedge of protection around you and your household against the enemy must never be taken lightly or for granted.

May God continue to keep us all safe from harm and watch over us with HIS love daily. Amen!

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