Sandra Chibuzor was supported with N100,000 for her fish business through Tuff

The Unique Family Foundation (TUFF), an organization that has the welfare of people, youths, mankind at heart.
I first came in contact with this organization and it’s founder, my adopted big Sister Sandra C Duru on my birthday, 8th July 2020 when one of my facebook crushes Amb Friday Emmanuel felicitated with me on that special day of mine and even proceeded to give me the honour of making a post in that regard on his timeline.
This got the attention of this wonderful woman who after going through my timeline decided to bless my hustle with a whooping sum of #50,000 and also made an order for #50,000 worth of ARIRA, Delicious Oven Dry Catfish and other food commodities.
That was the first time I ever experienced such help.
How elated I was.
She made my day.
We’ve been interacting since then and permit me to say that she’s one of the most selfless persons ever.
Dr Sandra, The CEO of Mgbeke natural beauty products and supplements, the Prof Mgbeke herself took it upon herself to establish the TUFF foundation, an organization committed to touching lives positively and fulfilling dreams by bringing stability and opportunities to families in need around the world.
She created this organization with a vision to impact, inspire, educate and empower families in need.
Such great love she’s got for humanity.
As Aristotle alluded to, One who does not enjoy the act of doing good deeds is not a good person; thus, for a virtue to exist as a virtue, it must stem from love and thus love must be the supreme virtue from which all others branch.
TUFF impacted my life.
TUFF inspired me.
TUFF educated me.
TUFF empowered me.
I’m proudly TUFFed.
You can go through our website to Learn more about this wonderful family.
Here’s the link.
Get TUFFed Today.
From: Ananaba SANDRA Chibuzor, Abia State, Nigeria, West Africa.
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