Vital Reasons Why An Abusive Partner Is A Wrongly Raised Child!

Vital Reasons Why An Abusive Partner Is A Wrongly Raised Child!

Going by many happenings in our society in present times, we feel there is a need to address a very vital part of our lives no one seems to be paying much attention to.

Oh, we are all so quick to judge people who mess up and label them “no good, terrible, violent, aggressive, nasty, abusive, insecure, and many other negative adjectives that spring up in our minds concerning their actions.

Yes, these people we tag could be all of these things and more, BUT have any of us tried to dig beneath the surface of their anger, temper, violence, and insecurity issues to see the root of the problem?

Please understand that this is not an attempt to make excuses for anyone’s destructive and imbalanced behavior. Instead, it is a plea for us to be more sensitive so that the generations coming after us may not have to deal with so many of these issues we are battling now.

So, to our assertion above, do you know that an abusive partner is a wrongly raised child? Nothing just happens in this life, and no one just becomes a beast overnight if the seed of that nature hadn’t been sown and watered into a giant plant all their life! Let’s explain with a word of wisdom and a few scenarios below.

Unarguably the wisest man that has ever lived, King Solomon said: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6. Do you think this is “old testament wisdom,” too, or does it apply to our lives timelessly? Of course, it does! Let’s look at a few scenarios below, and we’ll show you why we believe this wisdom will forever apply to humanity.

(1) Your 3-year-old child gets upset and throws violent tantrums whenever you give them food that they don’t want and throws it at you, and all you always do is laugh and say, “Children ehn!”

(2) Your baby or toddler will always raise their hands on you and beat you whenever they want you to do something for them, and all you do is say, “You’re beating mummy o.”

(3) Your child is a renowned bully in the neighborhood already, and no other child in that area messes with them, but you are happy and calling them “no-nonsense” children, right? Well done!

(4) Your child is always quick to pick things from the ground and hit people whenever they’re cautioned or stopped from doing something. Still, you smile and call them “action children.”

(5) You expose them to violent materials online, in movies, and even in your daily lives with your spouse, and say, “The world is evil, so these children must be tough.”

A few years down the line, your teenage boy bullies his sisters, commands them around, donates slaps as souvenirs to anyone who dares to challenge him, and you call him “man of the house.”

Your teenage daughter is so violent, incorrigible, rude, sassy, uncouth, and uncomely, yet you call her “a modern-day feminist and independent woman in the making,” right?

These children grew up having their way throughout their childhood and early years, and now that they’re fully grown, all you’ve contributed to society are a bunch of uncontrollable “human beasts” instead of human beings!

As a parent or guardian, please judge yourself; do you think you have raised your children well enough to represent your heritage without putting you in the news under the most terrible headlines?

Abusive partners didn’t fall from the sky…someone raised their child wrongly! There are many problems plaguing our societies now that we can correct from the roots if only many parents would take time out to be parents indeed!

Please remember: It is much easier to train a child than to correct a husband or wife! Let us begin to do better with our children so that they can give us rest tomorrow, please.

Remain blessed always.


By: Dr. Sandra C. Duru


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